Name : BR Anand | Designation: Co-Founder & CSO | Company: Ecoprosus India Pvt Ltd


Ecoprosus is an Intuitive Technology company which delivers integrated energy efficiency and sustainability in all sectors.

We work with customers on both sides of the meter to reduce OPEX, upgrade and maintain facilities, stabilize energy costs, increase energy reliability and enhance the environment.

We deliver sustainable growth to the new and running businesses by providing unique energy efficiency and integrated enterprise sustainability solutions with minimal or no upfront capital investments.

Also We provide a comprehensive, customizable, scalable platform that help cities and communities to proactively predict and solve social, economic and environmental problems.

Our strong focus on IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep understanding of wireless design and connectivity solutions, has led us to be one of the key smart solution providers.

We believe in: àContinuous innovation à Being responsive, reliable, and collaborative à Diverse thinking à Open & transparent culture


What prompted / motivated you to come up with the start-up concept?

As you are aware energy efficiency continues to be the top priority for any organization in becoming more cost competitive in open market place and meet the national objectives of enhanced energy efficiency. Moreover, Energy costs have increased at an alarming rate of 25-40% in the last 10 years affecting bottom-line of any organisation. As per a recent report, saving 30% of your bottom-line in turn is equivalent to making 5% more revenue. On top of that the interest in environmental responsibility is at an all-time high. This motivated to build an orgaisation which can integrate sustainability and hand hold the customers.


What has been your biggest challenge to breakthrough and reach out to the sector?

Organisations today are faced with the question of survivability due to increasing cost, dwindling margins and intense competition on a global scale. It is imperative to reduce cost at all levels and become more efficient in systems & processes.

Energy Efficiency continues to be the top priority of every organization to become more cost competitive in the open marketplace and meet the National objectives of energy efficiency.

Moreover, Energy costs have increased at an alarming rate, and interest in environmental responsibility is at an all-time high.


Lack of Capital - In today’s scenario arranging CAPEX to implement sustainability projects is becoming a major challenge. Therefore, organisations are unable to implement these cost-cutting measures thus affecting the bottom-line.


The Gap in Technology implementation -Technology with domain expertise and its right application is a key factor in the successful execution of energy efficiency project which is the lacuna in current technologies.


When was the company established and how has the growth graph been? Tell us about the current size of the company and key clients that you have offered your services to?

Ecoprosus was formed on 26th Oct 2017, ever since we started to engage industries got a major traction across the ecosystem.We focused on energy conservation and Smart city as verticals which helped us to quickly get customers on board.Today we are very proud to announce that we are  one of the key OEM for the BEL along with Astrikos  and Schneider to implement several Smart City  projects mentioned below:

1. Namchi 





As a pedigree of our team  we have been pioneered in the Smart lighting and Smart poles deployed several projects. Our modus operandi is modular designing and simplified implementation helps our customers to integrate & deploy the project seamlessly.


Currently we have reached $2Million as a turnover and we have pipeline clienteles to reach $7Million by 2020-2021.

We have been working across the country with Clients like Goldplus, Ispat, Schneider, DS Group,Harman,and many such cleeints aprt from the Smart City Departments mentioned above.


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