Facts & Scope of the Industry:

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment. From shifting weather patterns to rising sea levels, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale.

Industries are growing rapidly every day and it is high time a cleaner and renewable source of energy is needed to replace the dependency on fossil fuels by the process heat industries thus reducing large volumes of Green House Gases (GHG) emissions.

Prices and availability of conventional fuels have become a huge problem for the industries as prices are going up every day and it is difficult to source quality fuel due to depletion of fossil fuels.

Although there are many renewable alternatives for electricity there are hardly any renewable alternatives for heating purpose. The new eco-thermal solutions answers the heating needs of either a large community or any process heat industry.

This eco-thermal solutions can answer 70% of the needs comprising industries like Dairy, sugar, Apartments, Agriculture, Textile, Food & brewage industries etc. Some of the solutions are Hot water, Hot air drying, Steam, Thermic fluid heating, Refrigeration and cooling to save on their fossil fuel needs.

*Solution Offered to specific Industry *

For KMF, we have installed a PTC plant at Gowribidanur. This was solely done to provide high temperature hot water for which they were generating steam and impinging it in cold water. This reduced the carbon dioxide emissions by a large margin.
Plant Capacity: 2000 LPD of Hot water
Hot water: 70 C
Wood consumption: 35,000 kg/year
Cost savings: Rs. 1.5 lakh/year
CO2 Savings: 65 ton/year

We have supplied a eco-thermal system for an automated solar kitchen as a turnkey project where the hot water and steam needs for the kitchen are taken care by the eco-thermal solutions.
Kitchen size – 2000 ppl mid day meal concept
Hot water : 85 degrees
LPG consumption : 4,500kg/year
Cost savings : Rs. 3.2 lakh/year
CO2 savings: 14 ton/year

1. Creating awareness in the industry for use of eco thermal technology for process end applications to reduce local pollution and dependence on traditional fuels.
2. Integration of plant process with eco thermal system for optimised output and savings of the system.
3. Operational challenges during execution of plant to accommodate maximum utilisation of resources and infrastructure.


Process of Implementation:
Lanasol has two guiding principles when it comes to getting projects done:
1) The project should be done on time and on budget, and
2) Its 100% our responsibility to manage the project implementation.
Step 1: Project Planning
Step 2: Manufacturing of PTC
Step 3: Procurement of equipment’s like pipes, fittings, tracking, pump and tanks.
Step 4: Erection and Commissioning
Step 5: Testing of the system

Benefits of Implementation:
The Parabolic trough installation at KMF by Lanasol has removed the need of boiler for almost 330 days in a year. This has resulted in saving of almost 135 tonnes of carbon an year. We have been awarded performance certificates from KMF for our good service and also records stating a slight increase in temperatures even in monsoon days. 

*Pics of the implementation *

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